Conner's APBT has the finest Bred True to type American pitbull terriers everknow ! Bred every 3-6 years from juice/Biohazard & mcgrews tiny's Joe mamma , elegant,bradpit on a line bred back to oringinal 3 sire from same litter. Called tri -line bred. The best dogs have the best breeder! The best looking & working breeders have the best looking true to type APBT . My dogs run around 2000 to 8000 a pup.I'll my dogs get 24-7 training from me & I look good doing it . If money's not a problem and your looking a pup bred by James R Conner IV email info on next one of kind researched breedings. B
Today I'm hot hot hot ! Make sure you drink lots of h20 & use sunblock , keep your pups cool!
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